Greeting card YOU CAN´T BEAT LOVE


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  • Size – 210 x 99 mm
  • Inside of card – unprinted, here it is prepared for you
  • Envelope – recycled, brown
  • Sleeve is from PLA plastic which is made from biodegradable materials which are a mix of corn, sugar cane and potatoes
  • Material – 300 g paper Olin High White Extra Blanc with FSC certificate
  • Paper with this certificate is made of wood that comes from a carefully managed forest in accordance with FSC environmental rules. This certificate guarantees that the paper is not made of illegal logging such as from rainforests. The FSC certificate also guarantees that fair trade principles are respected in the woodworking process.
  • Part of the earnings from the sale of greeting cards goes to support the organization OBRAZ – The animal defenders.
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